17 Reasons to Attend Metaphysical Marketing Mastery

Are you a healer, medium, or spiritual entrepreneur?

Is your spiritual/metaphysical business struggling against a tight economy, preventing you from making the money you want to meet your expenses, comfortably take care of your family, and do the things you love most?

Are you constantly exhausted from working long hours, frustrated with dated sales methods that don’t work, and stuck with tactics that offer meager results?

Imagine instead attracting lucrative clients who want to pay you what you are worth, giving you the opportunity to earn more in less time. Delight in having clients seek you out and recommending you to all of their friends. Regain the passion of sharing your gifts by gaining clarity around how to effectively promote your business with ease and grace.


On October 5-6, 2013, Revs. Anita Pizycki, CPA, and Jamie L. Saloff, C.M., will be offering a two-day training in Lily Dale, New York at Fellowships of the Spirit. This training can be attended in person, or via live webinar from the comfort of your home.

You can learn more about the workshop by clicking here. Below you’ll find 17 reasons why you might want to attend:

1. Are you dreaming of the day when you can quit your real job and work full time using your gifts? Last year after attending Metaphysical Marketing Mastery, medium Sara Sachs did just that. She’d been planning for some time on how to make that happen, and several months later, she did. Now she works full time doing what she loves.

2. Are you struggling to fit more clients into your day so you can up your income? During Metaphysical Marketing Mastery we teach how to work smarter instead of harder. Harv T. Ecker explains how, for example, a massage therapist can only see so many clients in a day. She could have clients lined out the door, but she only has so many hours in a day to do therapy on them. Anita and Jamie show you how to increase your income so you have more hours a day not just to fit in more clients, but so you have more time for yourself and your family.

3. Have you been planning to write a book to advance your credibility and visibility? But maybe you don’t know where to start (hint: it’s easy!), or maybe you’ve gotten started, but are unsure how how to publish it. Should you e-publish? POD publish? Should you wait for an agent and traditional contract? Jamie, who has worked with authors for over twenty years, will be spending time with the Metaphysical Marketing Mastery participants answering these questions and more.

4. What if you could change your annual income as a solo-preneur into you monthly income? How would that change what you’re doing now? What else could you accomplish in the way of advancing your message? Helping others? Donating to worthy causes? Learn from Anita, a CPA how to turn this into a possibility.

5. When you explain what you do as a solo-preneur, do people look confused? Jamie and Anita spend time during Metaphysical Marketing Mastery helping you craft a marketing message that will help you attract clients that want to work with you, and are willing to pay your price.

6. Do you lower the price and devalue your gifts to entice a hedging client? As part of Metaphysical Marketing Mastery, Jamie and Anita will teach you not only how to get clients who love your work, but who are willing to pay what you’re worth. Stop giving away your valuable time and treasure-trove of gifts. The more you earn, the more you can give back to the world.

7. Does your spiritual side get pushed aside as you work to gain clients? When you attend Metaphysical Marketing Mastery, you’ll learn how to put the spirit back into your business and how to use that guidance to fuel your passions and purpose.

8. Do you have a Big Dream and a Little Dream? Want to know the difference? Find out how taking a look at your Big Dream and it’s accompanying Little Dream can help you climb to the apex of your desires faster.

9. Want to raise your dollar value as a solo-preneur? Learn your money mindset from Anita during Metaphysical Marketing Mastery and how to identify your true hourly rate.

10. Did your last show or psychic fair turn a big profit? Want to grow it? Use Jamie and Anita’s helpful fairs, shows, and workshops ROI Worksheet to understand and grow your profits as you put yourself out there in the world.

11. Ready to publish your spirit-minded book or self-help message? During Metaphysical Marketing Mastery Jamie, who has been working in the self-publishing field for nearly 15 years, will teach you 7 easy steps to professionally self-publish your book.

12. Want 25 sure-fire ways to promote your book, spiritual product, or service online? Jamie and Anita will be teaching this so that even the beginner will know what to do, while even a more advanced marketing solo-preneur will learn tips and tricks s/he can use to further his or her reach.

13. Have you clarified your solo-preneur offering? Need help? When you attend Metaphysical Marketing Mastery you’ll be guided through steps to help clarify your spiritual offering so that you not only can reach more people, you’ll gain an understanding of what sells.

14. What if you could change a few words & reach more clients as a solo-preneur? As part of the Metaphysical Marketing Mastery weekend event, you’ll learn how just a few words can be the difference between more clients and more income, or not. This single tip alone could pay for your weekend in return of clients and product sales.

15. Is your website failing to capture your solo-preneur audience? Learn the key items and one secret you must know to keep your website audience engaged. Jamie, who formerly designed websites for a living, will teach you what you need to know.

16. Do you have a solo-preneur system to help create cash flow? Throughout the weekend during Metaphysical Marketing Mastery, Jamie and Anita will be explaining their system for generating clients and sales, and will be sharing helpful worksheets and systems designed to help you create success.

17. Do you leave solo-preneur workshops overwhelmed not knowing what to do next? As part of their workshop, Jamie and Anita include guidelines and steps to take once you get home to help calm the overwhelm that comes with most workshops. While this class is teaming with useful information, there is also time for you to put the pieces together so you can go home with much of the work already done.

Still have questions? Feel free to use the contact tab to send an email for more information.

You can learn more about the workshop by clicking here. You’ll be taken to the Fellowships of the Spirit website where you can read more and register for the workshop.

Moving Through Fear Takes Balance and a Plan

Do you know how sometimes you are really excited about your business, your clients and even your to-do list.  And then sometimes your not.  What I find is that if you don't take sufficient time off for rest, family and rejuvenation you tend to burn out….and you can burn out quite quickly if you are doing new things in your business that both excite and scare you.  And that's what happened to me last week.  I was both excited and scared to put myself out in the world in a whole new way last week.  I started blogging for the first time in my life, I did my first two videos ever, (one of which I used in my blog and one that I sent to be in a virtual trade show)  and I found out that a book that I am part of was going to be in print  last week.  All good things I wanted but all very public and new for me. 

And I find that I have a real fear around being public. Deep down I sense it's a fear of being judged by others.  Judged by my friends, my family, my peers and even strangers.  And logically the fear doesn't make sense.  I'm a competent person with a lot of information to share that will really help others.  I'm in control of what I write or video about.  And my left brain fully understands that you can't please everyone and that someone may disagree with my opinion or position on something.  So I know all of this and still there is a general fear that has been holding me back for several years.  I have been working with several coach/mentors/spirits and guides that have helped me "feel the fear and do it anyway" and that's what I hope to do for you because I know I am not alone in this.   Fear of being judged is a huge mindset obstacle that I coach my clients around every day.  However, knowing it and breaking through it are two different things.

Tips for Moving Through Fear in Your Business:

1) Acknowledge it.  You can't deal with anything that you are ignoring.  Only after you acknowledge it can you then make a choice about what you are going to do about it. And all good choices involve taking action such as those listed next.

2) Mediate around it.  Ask your spirits/guides/higher-self/divine for help in understanding and breaking through the fear.

3) Journal about it and get clear about exactly what you are afraid of.  You can also journal about what is true vs what you are worried about.  Also write down any insights you get that you think you should "DO" to help yourself.  .

4) Read material to help you deal with fear and breakthrough – A great book to help in this area is "Feel the Fear And Do It Anyway by Susan Jeffers

5) Find a coach/mentor/friend/healer or community to help you deal with and breakthrough your fear by providing a sounding board and support system when you need it.

6) Take actions and get evidence that your fear has no basis.

7) Pay attention to your body and your moods and notice when it is time to pull back and rest and renew your energy.  Remember that doing something scary take a lot of mental, emotional, physical and spiritual energy.  If your a spiritual entrepreneur you will be even more affected by moving through your own fear.  You may even have very physically symptoms of the fear that show up as aches, pains, headaches etc.  Where ever your weak points are.  Know that this is your body telling you it is time for a rest. (not a full stop – you don't want to stop when things get hard).  So make a choice to take a rest with a plan to return to those activities on a certain day.

8) Get back into action and repeat the steps above that work for you.  Drop perfection and know that you can pick up right where you left off.

So when I was feeling physically ill with a bad headache last week I knew that I had to stop "being public" for a few days.  There was some guilt for not blogging when I know that consistency is a key to building  a business, but I also know that balance is also a key to business success and it was time for balance.  I decided that I would take 3 days off as it was a holiday weekend here in Canada.  So I saw my naturopath and got some help to balance my body after such a week (got support).  I also had a discussion with my partner about what was going on and what I needed (got more support)   Then  I rested and read.  After that I felt more energized and made full turkey dinner with a homemade cream pie (just like my mom's ) and enjoyed my daughters visit from university for our Thanksgiving weekend.  But I did it all with a plan to get back to blogging on Monday morning.  

So here I am this morning.  Blogging and feeling good about my time off because I had support and I had a plan.

If you are a spiritual entrepreneur who would like to move forward in your business but fears are stopping you then let me be your guide and your support.    We will be opening to take membership soon (so you will have even more supporters) but for now sign up for our weekly newsletter and get tips around this subject and so much more. 

Have a blessed and successful day.


Create an Energy Boundary Daily and Be More Effective in Your Business

Do you have those people in your life that just seem to take your energy or try to give you some of theirs….and it’s usually not good – its their anger, sadness or general abruptness.  Or do you deal with clients who truly have heart breaking stories and issues that you want to be compassionate towards but not take on as if they were your own. Well if your a spiritual entrepreneur then your usually more sensitive then the others around you and you may find yourself quickly losing energy during your day.  And when this happens you may find it hard to focus and be effective in your business or even just in your life.  That is why is is important for the success of your business (and your sanity) to consciously set an energy boundary each day to keep you strong mentally, emotionally and even physically during the day.  Check out my video blog for more about this and a short exercise for you to add to your morning routine .

Start Your Day Right – Meditate to Actually Save Time

I was thinking today of people that I admire and the one that came to mind is Marianne Williamson.  I admire how she was such a trail blazer for those on a spiritual quest like myself 15 years ago.  She spoke of spirituality and energy at a time when most people thought she was nuts.  However,  I read everything of her’s I could get my hands on and even drove to Detroit to see her speak at the church she had formed there.  It was a life changing experience.  That day I saw that it was ok to have different views about the world and speak your mind to a large group of people.  I also learned that day that there were many people like myself that were interested in spirituality as a way of life.  I was not so alone in my quest.

And as is our custom now, I didn’t just think about her, I goggled Marianne and found this wonderful video titled Start Your Day Right with Marianne Williamson which you can view at:


She reminds us that what we do in the morning can effect our whole day.  Not just our outlook but our focus and productivity.  She states that people say that they don’t have time to mediate each morning.  She reminds us that when you mediate you actually will have more time and that Einstein said “time and space are just an illusion of consciousness”.  She reminds us all that when we connect to a strong inner life the outer becomes less of a struggle.

So if things have gotten hectic in your business and/or personal life and you want to have more time, start your day off right.  Keep the TV off, don’t read the newspaper and especially not your e-mail first thing….instead find a quiet space and mediate for 20 minutes.  Mediation has many benefits especially when you are a spiritual entrepreneur and are looking to increase the guidance/help from spirit/energy/god/intuition in your daily work.   Personally I I know that my days are better when I meditate then when I don’t.

So start tomorrow morning….you no longer have the excuse that you don’t have the time.