17 Reasons to Attend Metaphysical Marketing Mastery


Are you a healer, medium, or spiritual entrepreneur? Is your spiritual/metaphysical business struggling against a tight economy, preventing you from making the money you want to meet your expenses, comfortably take care of your family, and do the things you love most? Are you constantly … [Read more...]

Moving Through Fear Takes Balance and a Plan

Balance Rocks

Do you know how sometimes you are really excited about your business, your clients and even your to-do list.  And then sometimes your not.  What I find is that if you don't take sufficient time off for rest, family and rejuvenation you tend to burn out....and you can burn out quite … [Read more...]

Create an Energy Boundary Daily and Be More Effective in Your Business


Do you have those people in your life that just seem to take your energy or try to give you some of theirs....and it's usually not good - its their anger, sadness or general abruptness.  Or do you deal with clients who truly have heart breaking stories and issues that you want to be compassionate … [Read more...]

Start Your Day Right – Meditate to Actually Save Time


I was thinking today of people that I admire and the one that came to mind is Marianne Williamson.  I admire how she was such a trail blazer for those on a spiritual quest like myself 15 years ago.  She spoke of spirituality and energy at a time when most people thought she was nuts.  However,  I … [Read more...]